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Gypsy for Breville

By kitti

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As artisans focused on the art of coffee, and proud educators with our Gypsy Espresso Barista Training classes, we love getting involved in projects that inform and educate in our industry. It was a pleasure to be asked to participate in this Breville Café Quality video on the science and craft of milk texturing or “microfoam”. The series is aimed at educating at-home baristas on how to get the best results with their own machines.

Watch the video below or on the YouTube channel here.


We loved having the Breville team at our flagship Potts Point café and are proud to be featured amongst some other leading Australian roasteries.

For more info on our Barista Training, head here. To book, email school@gypsyespresso.com.au or call Rebecca Szucs on 0478 623 123.

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